Gifts, Masses & Donations

"To help the young and the poor I have only my good will. I rely on your charity for the means."
-- Saint John Bosco

Mass Intentions

Salesian Priests welcome the opportunity to offer the Holy Eucharist for your special intention.  Unite your particular intention with the prayer of Jesus and His Church, and send an acknowledgment with a beautiful card.

Everlasting Gifts

Share the good graces of our faith with a Spiritual Enrollment in honor of a loved one, living or deceased. Enrollment in the Sacred Heart Association offers the benefit of a daily Mass in perpetuity.



Gregorian Masses

Honor a deceased loved one with a set of 30 Masses. Masses are offered on consecutive days for the repose of a departed loved one. Masses are acknowledged with a gold stamped certificate.


Your gift helps us to keep running Schools, Salesian Boys' & Girls' Clubs, Camps, and Centers for spirituality. You can direct your gift to any of a number of worthy Salesian causes.

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